New starting date for the Oral Hearings - 16 October


Dear participants,

We have revised the schedule of the Oral Hearings and decided to make them more intensive and concentrated. This means that the previously published starting date for the Oral Hearings is moved forward to October 16.

The ICAM will be conducted in two stages.

The first stage is a group stage. There will be five teams in each group. Accordingly, each team will have 4 matches within the group. These group rounds will take place in two days, on 16 and 17 of October. Each team will have from 1 to 3 matches per day.

The second stage is a play-off stage. Two teams with the largest sum of points in the group will advance to this stage. The semifinal will be conducted on October 23, and the ICAM final will be conducted on October 24.

Accordingly, all ICAM Oral Hearings will take place on October 16, 17, 23, and 24.

Starting next week, the detailed information about the upcoming hearings will appear on the ICAM website on the "Oral Hearings Schedule" tab and at the homepages of the teams and arbitrators on the "Oral Hearings" tab.