The Problem Authors

Mr. Philip Bruner 

Mr. Bruner is one of the world’s leading full-time arbitrators, mediators, and resolvers of construction, engineering, and infrastructure claims and disputes. Mr. Bruner is a distinguished member of the panels of neutrals of both JAMS and JAMS International, and is the director of JAMS Global Engineering and Construction Group.

Prof. Stefan Leupertz

Prof. Leupertz is a former Judge of the German Supreme Court and known as one of the leading and prominent legal authorities on construction law in Germany.

Mr. Christopher Ennis

Mr. Ennis, an Irish national resident in the UK, is a chartered quantity surveyor with over 45 years’ experience in the construction industry. For the last 30 years Mr. Ennis has specialised as a quantum expert witness in major international construction disputes, and he practises extensively as a neutral mediator, adjudicator, DAB member and arbitrator.

Prof. Janet Walker

Prof. Walker is an independent arbitrator with chambers in Toronto, London and Sydney, with 20 years of experience in commercial and investor-state arbitrations in a wide variety of fields from construction to M&A.

Mr. David Brown

Mr. Brown is a Partner with Clyde & Co. Mr. Brown is a highly experienced international dispute resolution lawyer focusing on the construction sector.